At Professional Claim Service Solutions investment in the latest technology is a priority, ensuring that our offices are equipped with the latest tools to deliver an exceptional service.

We constantly monitor industry trends and embrace new advances in technology to improve our services to our clients. Our Company utilizes a state of the art management system and estimation software, linked to our online system which assists us in the everyday management of our operations providing our clients an accurate, speedy and professional service.

Our software is fully customizable allowing us to add in any extra features that your company may wish to use and customize reports to suit your needs.

Along with our management software we continuously align ourselves with the leading software packages available to the motor industry, ensuring technical accuracy. Our motor assessors, investigators and staff members are fully conversant with leading software packages giving them the flexibility to work with whatever system our customer may be using.

A dedicated IT department is on hand to maintain and develop our systems ensuring we stay at the fore-front in the latest technology. To further enhance the IT department our software developers are constantly maintaining and developing our systems to ensure that we are always at the fore-front in the latest technology.

We are able to develop electronic data interchange links with all of our clients own systems, allowing us to exchange data seamlessly.

Professional Claim Service Solutions online system allows our clients to access their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when our offices are closed ensuring our clients are kept up to date at all times.

All information can be transmitted automatically and instantaneously via electronic data interchange, email, ftp, or for those clients who require it, we will post the physical report.

Overall our company has the ability to adapt to our clients needs and stay ahead of any technological advances.