Stolen/Recovered Vehicle Claims

We offer our clients a professional, cost-effective, detailed examination of the damaged vehicle, inspected by our fully qualified engineers using the most up to date systems available.

Our engineers will conduct a detailed examination of the damage to the vehicle, they will also as standard make note of all other damages and information not related to the current incident.

Where vehicles have been stolen and recovered, the locks, immobiliser and other security features are examined and the circumstances of the theft incident are considered to confirm the validity of the claim.

Checks are made on the originality of the chassis numbers (V.I.N.) and the engine number and whether they have been tampered with or not. We also determine if the vehicle has been built up from different vehicle sections.

We receive our clients instructions via our online system, which will immediately inform our client of their reference number, this gives our clients the reassurance that their instructions have been received and are being attended to, we are also able to receive client instructions via email or fax.

We endeavor to examine all vehicles within 24-48 hours of instruction.

Our compiled reports include these main sections:

  • Claim Details
  • Insured Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Excesses
  • Repairer Details
  • Condition Report
  • Damage Report
  • Damage Diagrams Including Direction of Impact and area
  • Damage Calculations including market valuation
  • Colour Photographs
  • Estimated cost of repair

The damage report is submitted to our client within 24 hours of inspection. The reports can be sent by electronic transfer into your own management system, by email, ftp, post, or can be downloaded from our website. Our reports are in PDF format but can be sent in other formats upon request.